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Crime and Deviance is Normal in Society Essay

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Crime and Deviance is Normal in Society

Is crime an abnormal act committed by an abnormal person? Most persons confronted with this particular question would undoubtedly say, ¡§Yes¡¨. They would consider themselves, perhaps not angelic, but certainly law-abiding members of society. However, if these, law-abiding citizens were to focus on the question, their answer might be very different. They might discover that the gene of criminality is in us all. Crime and deviance is not only a normal part of society, it is undoubtedly a product of its very existence.
Through the work of great individuals such as Durkheim and Merton, who thought at great length about the question, and used a variety of theories to explain their subsequent answers. We shall explore five theories that will direct us towards a realistic answer. In pursuit of an answer to the aforementioned question, one must first understand the question itself and its very meaning. Crime itself is a very transient term; it is something that varies through the passage of time, society, geography, and by who commits the act.
A sad, yet perfect instance would be the taking of life. In times of war we are taught the finer skills of killing, awarded medals and held in high esteem for our bravery in the taking of life. The same act committed in peacetime is held with the uppermost reproach, inevitably gaining a reaction consisting of disapproval and punishment. Take for instance the IRA, a group that has fought for the independence of Northern Ireland and in doing so been involved in the murder of many innocent people; to the Irish Nationalists they are heroes, to the British government they are murderers. Thus what constitutes a crime is not necessarily its rightness or wrongn...

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...ant unless the bourgeoisie say so and they will not say so unless it is committed by a working class person.

There are many theories as to the cause of crime, and it is quite certain that more will develop with time and understanding. Crime has always existed and always will. Thus we must accept that crime is a normal part of every society and a consequence of its existence. We have all committed some small crime whether we like to think so or not, we are generally in a position where we do not have to commit crime due to our circumstances but others are not. The proportion of crime seems to be directly attributable to each individual society¡¦s moral view upon crime, poverty and justice. Even in a world of saints there would be deviance but what would be deemed, as deviance would be of a relative nature and thus, diminutive to our own morally bankrupt society.

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