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Essay about Corporate Crime

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Between April 20th 2010 and July 15th 2010, BP's drilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was the biggest oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. Eleven people died. # of days later and $ in fines, BP stopped the spilling of oil into the ocean. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) reported on September 17th, “in terms of land animals, at least 3000 have died, tens of thousands of others have been affected [including] millions of sea organisms [although] there is no accurate count”. Conversely, it is unlikely that other than those that have been directly affected can recall the amphetamine weight loss drug scandals between the 1960’s to 1990. For that matter, likely few are motivated enough to look up the history of insurance industry fraud or state corporate crime. The reason that people do not think to combat corporate crimes more severely is that they do not the extent to which it affects our society. The public is far removed from governmental processes, and does not have an understanding of context of corporate crime nor how it is punishable by law. Media coverage on corporate crime has also failed to inform the public what really goes on in the world around them, but incidentally plays such a large role in moulding the public opinion about crime. The media responds to the demand of the public and unsurprisingly, it appeals to the public to read about violent street crimes and crimes against the individual. However, people do not realize the likeliness of being affected by corporate crime and that it often can be violent. The problematic public perceptions and misconceptions of the public opinion on corporate crime will be explored in conjunction with how the media has constructed their vie...

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...usion. What it does instead is; regulate and reap benefits from it. Undoubtedly, complex contractual affiliations and relationships are intertwined within the fabric of the elite. Therefore, one cannot trust that all regulators are maintaining their integrity and doing what they have to put an end to corporate crime. The role that media plays is as a key source of information for formulating public opinion is not lost on the government. It is utilized and biased heavily in their favour. In this case, the public is easily convinced that street crime is serious while corporate crime, much more harmful, is not even discussed. In the meantime, the legislature, in a state of powerlessness, has transformed the penal system into a business where corporations can pay off their crimes without any problems through things like non prosecution agreements, deferrals and fines.

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